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Review on 20-20cricket: it is for those who find short stories too long. Hey, this is 21st century, except for me and some of the other jobless,……..sorry did I say ‘other’, …..some of the jobless people around me and of course, the person reading the blog, the universe has no time to waste. With the [...]

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This was an article i wrote about a year ago, will be published in the next issue of Bharati (IITMadras), I don’t see any signs of the magazine hitting the hostals, i decided to make it my blog. Upon the suggestion from the editor, the title ‘composite culture in india’ was changed to ‘assimilative indian [...]

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I love listening to music, my friends would know. Infact, most of our friends define being ‘cool’ to be directly related to the amout of music one listens to. Talking about my g-g-generation, the genre of metal and heavy metal are by far the most popular ones, anything else is way too kiddish. What I [...]

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