Bill Bennett’s Islam-Bashing Speech

Update: One of my friends thinks that Islam-bashing may be too harsh an adjective for the speech. There is a possibility that the speaker may not have intended the speech to be assessed in that manner. I acknowledge that. Apart from the questions I have below, I mostly agree with the rest of his speech on media-hyping and their biased reporting.
This is a youtube video of some Islam-bashing speech. Here are some questions I have for the speaker. It is a 11-minute speech. Please listen to it completely before reading the rest of the post.


a) 65% of hate crimes are antisematic.
b) He does not see Muslims condemning jihad.
c) If it (jihad and other bad things) were being done in the name of his beliefs, then he would be out on streets marching to Washington.

Then, why does is he not on the streets protesting antisematic crimes??? Why is he not on the streets for gitmo (where torture is carried out in the name of America’s security)?


Muslims are not victims because only 8% of crimes are anti-islam. By the same logic, America is not a victim because only a small percentage of people who have died of terrorism are Americans (link). Does he believe so?


He says he opposes the ground-zero mosque because the imam behind it is has not opposed Hamas and cannot not condemn America. Will he support the mosque if it were being constructed by someone who opposes jihad and says he loves America?