I love traveling, hiking and salsa dancing. I am a fan of classic rock music, and I have been many live concerts. U2 is my favourite band. I love to blog about how history, politics, economics and cultures affect the social disposition. On the political spectrum, based on Nolan’s Chart (link), I am a liberatarian with a liberal inclination.

In the early days, I noticed that the Indian blogosphere collectively presented the ideas of individual liberty and economic freedom. The web is saturated with blogs presenting the same content, and therefore, I do not plan to repeat them. There are also plenty of well-researched articles and essays online, which provide amazing insight on various facets of society. I cannot provide the same quality of discourse without adequate research. Thus, I plan to collect information from various trusted sources and organise the information on my blog. I would like my blog to be a place where the readers can learn to relate issues and find information in an organised manner. I plan to provide a different perspective, only if I can, on any age-old or new issue. If a reader is interested to learn more about the narrative I present in my blog posts, there are plenty of links to follow.

This is my blog on no particular topic. I blog about anything I find interesting. My first phase of blogging, during my undergraduate days, from 2005 to 2007, was less formal, and my opinions were based more on hearsay than hard facts. I did not blog much from 2008 to 2010. In my second phase of blogging from the October of 2010 (post on Kashmir), I hope to provide more fact-based opinions and observations rather than hearsay-based assertions.

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