A time to think

Review on 20-20cricket: it is for those who find short stories too long. Hey, this is 21st century, except for me and some of the other jobless,……..sorry did I say ‘other’, …..some of the jobless people around me and of course, the person reading the blog, the universe has no time to waste. With the entropy probably reaching its maximal limit, and every law of physic being broken by yet another physicist, I can’t help but wonder, ‘are we ever going to look back’?

I am just back from watching a Stanley Kupric movie, killing kiss. Trust me, that was awfully slow. It was just an hour long, yet I couldn’t wait to get out of the hall. A year ago, hostel was so much fun. After LAN and Internet arrived, time seems scares.

Let’s assume that the damn 4th dimension didn’t exits. It would be awkward, wouldn’t it? There would have been no time, and that’s why we would still strive hard to finish thing ‘in’ time. Time or no time, mathematicians would have ‘assumed’ its existence anyway. That’s the beauty of mathematics; it can make a fool out of anybody!

I know quite a lot of friends who are up all night, trying to set the balance right between academics and 24 hrs. Some smoothen the edges out through periodic night outs, some others have already burnt out. Quite frankly, ‘fun’ part in lost in the wilderness of time or the lack of it.

My day began at 10:30 am, up half the night thinking on what to blog the next day. Alarm rang at about 7:30, and surprise!!! I had time. When I woke up I realized it was a bit too less to crash for 3 more hrs. Anyway, I ran to the bathroom with a brush in one had and tooth paste in the other. I found monkeys had all the ‘time’ in the world to ravage my washed cloths…again, the same set of cloths which I had washed second time. As my mind wandered around thinking of strangling the monkeys, I realized I had no time even to think of that, let alone chocking them.

Then, in my humanities class, a video was shown on Indian govt., which in the name of conservation is snatching the very livelihood of tribes in northern Karnataka. The video was 52 min long, all of us were restless to get back to hostel even as the clock was striking 11:50, the scheduled lunch break. Would it hurt any one of us to stay back for 5 minutes?

The Byrds sang, ‘a time for this, a time for that….. n things…’. Are they kidding? A time for everything would mean a segmentation fault.
Tip: Those who do not know about the segmentation fault, google for it.
Whoever named it ‘the time magazine’ is a genius? Obviously, when we don’t have any, why not buy the magazine, serves as moral support anyway.

Then came my ‘Dynamics of machinery’ class. I would say he is the only prof in the institute who would say that he has enough time to cover the syllabus. What an eternal optimist! He left us in about 30 mins, 20 mins ahead of actual finish. I was working on my previous blog when my neighbour, Boxer, knocked, asking for an hour on my computer to do an assignment. I asked him to come back after 2 hrs as it wasn’t extremely important. Half an hour later when I offered him the computer, he said he had already completed the work in Animesh’s comp. Reason: he did not have time to wait.

Why do we have time zones? Probably cause its so precious. It is allocated to every country. Einstein claimed time was relative. Get real, it’s absolute, nobody has any of it. Finally I thank my readers for the time they spent on this blog. Please don’t ask yourself, “was it worth it?” or “was it worth the time?”

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