Almost Famous

“…Then daddy came in to kiss his little man, with gin on his breath and the Bible in his hand, and he talked about honour and things I should know it really didn’t matter how far I go…”

A country music fan will immediately recognize this as a song from the great Don Williams. This is the thing about celebrities, them and their conversation with their elders or parents. My question is, has such a thing ever happened to you? Have your parents ever taken you out for a walk and given you the words of wisdom? All that I have seen is my teacher shouting at top of his voice asking us to be ‘ideal’ and we students seldom paying attention to it.

About 6 months back, I was watching an interview given by Richard Feynman after receiving his Nobel Prize for Physics. He happened to narrate a similar story in his childhood. He talked about advice given by his father when he was young and how practical his father was then. Yanni shared the same experience in his concert in India or China. “…The best things in life are inside each one of us…blah blah…” I am still wondering how much of these stories are actually true.

I have never had such a talk with my parents, nor have any of my friends. Perhaps that’s the reason why none of us are famous 😉 All of us are good at blaming others for our misfortunes (not fortunes) anyway. Trust me, the easiest thing on earth to do is find fault with others! “It’s all because of you man”.

“…I guess we’re all gonna be what we’re gonna be. So what do you do with good ole boys like me?…”

PS: The last lines are from the same song, ‘good ole boys like me’ , Don Williams.

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  1. Yes, my folks did give me words of wisdom, on walks in the country and in ways that were often wordless. Perhaps you have to be an American Southerner, or perhaps you weren’t listening, to understand the experience Mr. Williams so rightly and richly describes. I suspect that you are very young and either your parents are from a generation that is also too young for wisdom, or you are too young yet to understand it.

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