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My friend, two days back, was asking us on what we look forward to this semester. We were talking about uninteresting courses we have this semester. Thanks to the administration of IITM, we have been enjoying with our LAN and Internet for about 6 months now. What the diro and other admin people have done is given us a thing or two to look forward to. It could be a movie, a song or even your project, technology has always guided us through. This time around, it has kept every one occupied. With vested potentials of LAN known to all of us, not a single minute is spared in this institute to use it to the maximum.

If anyone has visited my profile here, you find one of my interests to be algorithm and programming. I have enthusiastically taken part on all online programming contests I have got my hand on. I use internet to look out for tougher problems and better competition. It’s wonderful for all of us to wake up every day, and think of something challenging and ponder over it for the rest of the day. Internet is always an answer to any project, any presentation or any assignment we are given.

The story has a bitter part too. In the humanities course of mine, the free-rider attitude was talked about. It’s simply something in you that says you alone cannot bring the system down (or up). That unfortunately is problem with the LAN here. Not everybody shares files that are worth sharing, because of which all of us are losing out more entertainment. What people don’t understand here is that every individual can make LAN better. Share files, people! That’s what LAN is for.

Yet again there are other set of people who open files over LAN itself causing comps to slow down, the irritated user then stops sharing his files. This is further emptying the LAN. This is just a food for thought: the free rider’s attitude is what making India such an unclean place to live in and such a corrupt nation to be ashamed about!

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