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A couple of weeks back, one of my friends was cribbing how screwed up or worthless his life was. I told him that I have a song for him. Out of nowhere he comes up with, ‘is it a love song??????’ He reasoned that i had said, ‘i had a song for him’. Thing were settled after about 2 minutes. If you are curious, the song was ‘always look on the bright side of life’ by monty python. I would love to dedicate this song to him on MTV. (No offence to Channel [V] or anything, but mtv fits, ask sting and dire striats why.)

It’s so lame to just dedicate a song to sombody! You can simply dedicate anything to anybody, Industries to nation, roads to a person, songs to a string of people, the list is endless. I lived in a place called Kudremukh for the first sixteen years of my life. A person who designed the place must have been an absolute moron. There is a bus-stand right inbetween a school and the playgroung, there is sewage plant in fornt of a jain temple, practically no foot path, church, mosque and a temple are way on top of three different hill making in inaccesible, the administration building and the iron ore mines are on two opposite sides of the town etc etc.Way back in ’99, a dam (named ‘lakya’) was dedicated to the nation. Lavish party was organised for the iron and steel minister in this pretext. The irony is that, only slurry out of the mines are dumped into it. Come on, our nation deserves much more than that! Right now the industry in middle of a major issue of pollution and being located on a national park. It is in the verge of getting closed. I guess mother India did teach the mines a lesson.

Request shows on radio or tv for every one is like ‘been there, seen that’. The most painful part of the shows are with the dedications. They range from grand mothers to girl friends. It is hilarious when the RJ or VJ himself doesn’t know the song he is playing and people go about dedicating the songs. Even if it’s right with most of us, you can’t dedicate ‘everything about you’ to your mother, or even better… to your girlfriend. ( the song is actually ‘…i hate everything about you…’ by ugly kid joe). I love it when an RJ stops taking dedication and even then the guy on phone is persistent on dedications. I pity the guy, he is being denied what can be done without anybody’s consent and more importantly, for free.

From what I observe, dedications on a book are usually given to dead people and for a song, the limelight on a living person. To add a twist, some book are dedicated to just the memory of the dead guy, but not the guy himself. And for something as arbitrary as a dam, it is dedicated to something as arbitrary as a nation. For some reason dedication on a book is strictly restricted to author’s family while a song could go to the prime minister. For something as massive as oscars or the grammys dedication go only to the parents. It can easily be inherited back, you know. Fans do get their part sometimes. The exact share of dedication to the fans is always unknown.

Some do believe the dedications help you to tell a person that you care. Yes, things are so easy when someone else does them for you. Plus, dedications are easy way to get out a situation when you owe somebody something. All you lose is a phone call. Dedications do go to the special someone. That is the easiest way to get out of all your debts!

Alas, habits die hard, we will continue to be stupid. But thats what makes this world a livelier place to live in. By the way this blog is dedicated to all its readers and the dedicated bloggers.

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