Winds of change

MTV president was asked, “Why MTV was that popular?” His reply was, “It is like an amoeba, it keeps changing.” Point noted. It is change which keeps us going. Every moment you learn something new, your perception changes, and your attitude changes. Compound this to one’s life time, one would have changed completely many times over. When I was freshie, I happened to go through a notice which said, “Five years from now, you will be the same person who are, except for the books you read, tapes you listen to, the friends you have…” I thought it was a good way of putting the point across. Little wonder when Newton and Leibniz came up the concept of ‘rate of change’, it changed the world.

Every afternoon when I get back to my room, I switch on my computer. Eagerly browse though LAN to find something new. And when I do, I am exited. I change my wall paper quite frequently. Winamp skin doesn’t remain the same for over a fortnight. I selected my frames for my glasses just because it looked different from the rest. I am library volunteer in my hostel, every week there are at least two students asking me if new set of book were bought.

A new game show on television is always looked forward to. A novel idea is received handsomely by the people. When Sabeer Bhatia came up with his idea on web-based email, it virtually revolutionized the communication system. Google’s development of Gmail wasn’t yet another email client on the web; it changed a lot of things.

My humanities professor talked about how technology has changed the way how people react, how people interact, and how it has brought about changes in every person’s lifestyle. You get an email now, when will you reply? Class’ unanimous answer was, “immediately”. Instead of an email, if it was a snail mail, reply took about 1 or 2 days. Just because email arrived fast, out tendency is reply quickly, not so with the snail main.

Good or bad, change is inevitable. One shouldn’t be surprised when anti-incumbency is a major concern for a ruling party in a democracy. The real reason why certain successful leader was toppled over is simply the ‘change’ that people were looking for.

Our hostel mess council meets twice or thrice in a semester to change the menu. The quality of food doesn’t improve anyhow, but change is always welcomed.

I love the slogan, ‘maggie hot and sweet chilly sauce, it’s different’. Captures anybody’s attention! People are obsessed with change, that’s why all our soaps and detergents are always ‘new and improved’. I am wondering when we were using ‘old and obsolete’ products. Some of us change our cars every 3-4 years just for a change, or try out a different genre of music once in a while. All of us love surprises, don’t we?

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