Winds of change II

Sequels are never successful. With exceptions of LOTR and Harry Potter, none of them have been as successful as the first one. Why? Because they are usually no different from the original movie. This is my first sequel to any blog. This is indeed not different from the previous blog but for the fact that I have different examples. Yet I write this. I am not sure about how this will be received in comparison with the first one. If it’s received as well, “boy, am I talented or what?” If not I am just another guy who can’t make sequels.

50s saw the rise of rock ‘n’ roll. People wanted something more than the sound of jazz. 60s was phenomenal for rock ‘n’ roll. White did have reservations about the music, branding it as black’s music. Artists like Elvis did break the barrier and went on to become legends. 60s also saw the birth of politically conscience song writers in the form of Bob Dylan and others. By the 70s, world grew tired of the politically conscience lyrics and wanted something totally different. It was the turn of Aerosmith, The Who, Kiss etc to take on the world with their wild acts. Both on stage and off stage. The act of breaking guitars on stage popularized wild acts on stage. With people asking for more there was no turning back until they got way too predictable. 80s saw ‘moderate’ rock evolve and flourish. Yet again, it was wiped out as teen pop bands saw their fan club spreading. Nothing has happened in 00s as yet, I do see a musical history happening in a small time. Let’s wait and watch!

‘Old is gold’, so they say. In fact this is told only by older generation. It is them who don’t accept any change for good or for bad. Change could be as small as adding some fans in the workshops, the request is outright denied. Their usual reply is, ‘last batch suffered more, you are lucky, be happy.’ I wish I could answer back to them saying I agree last batch suffered but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer too. I hate when they say the music I listen to is crap. Ones or twice is fine, but not every time. They like the thing to be done traditionally, even when the same task of assembling components can be done hundred times more efficiently on a computer. The knowledge we earn on doing it the either way is one and the same.

ATMs are so convenient, aren’t they? A year ago, our ATMs had the facility to pay out mess bills. It was disappointing to learn that our hostel officials did not trust the technology. They asked us to produce the receipt every time bill is paid through ATM. They didn’t seem to understand that the whole convenience of ATM is lost.

Except for one or two forward looking Profs, institute doesn’t seem to be interested bringing in e-learning. Had our politicians been any younger, India would have been so different!

It is interesting to see ads on television which target younger generation, like Pepsi or Coke, they change very frequently. This is obvious when our generation is open to changes.

Alas, things do change, slow or fast. It is true when they say only thing that doesn’t change is change.

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