Grass is greener….

If you are looking for a purpose to do something, don’t look. Why not do the things just for the love of it? Having gone through nearly two year of training to be an engineer, frankly I find engineering not at all amusing. I think when something is done for a purpose, it loses its charm. All around me, I find this unquenchable thirst for marks, making me wonder where exactly do we stand in our desire to become the best. Some of my friends run from pillar to post to get the extra two marks on their answer papers.

After parting from the stream of pure sciences, two years back, today I find those subjects more fascinating. Whenever, a challenging question comes up, I leap into it and probe into the solutions. On the contrary, if any good question on my engineering discipline is given, it takes me long time, if at all, to have a glance at the problem. It is just a case of ‘grass is greener….’, is it my interest (or lack of it), or is the thirst for marks that makes me avoid the topic altogether.

My main interest lies in algorithms. Some of my friends ask me if I practice programming to join a software industry. My plain answer is, “no, I just love spending my time on them.” For every task that is done, the crazy little thing called purpose is sought after. (Yes, I am listening to the queen’s song). Coincidently, the ‘crazy’ little thing called love is not looked for when it comes to choosing your professional life, its all about monthly pay check. We end up doing something which we have no passion for.

It is common, at least in India, to see parents discouraging kinds from spending time on drawing or sports. Its status remains, ‘not worthy enough to make your life.’ Any nurtured talent in the kid is lost.

Bhagwagita says that don’t think of the result when you do anything, just dedicate yourself to it. Most of us may not have an eye on the results, but we do hope for the results to follow. I seldom find people doing something from which negative (or no) is assured.

This is a lousy topic to write on, everything had been said a million times. That’s probably because it has been ignored million times. I end here stating my stand that I do believe that everything we do need not have a purpose. Hope I have not bored you. I am bored writing this. That’s why it is smaller than my other blogs.

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