Saarang 2005

Hey, This was the article I submited to the saarang cores for my selection to the saarang’s Production co-ordinators form. I did get throught. Here’s the article…

Saarang 2005

A Legend has it that, ‘five years from now you will be the same person except for the books you read, tapes you listen to, movies you watch and things you aim for’. Well, it has to be rephrased to “five days from now……” All you need is a right time and right place. Needless to say at this point of time, after having read the title, that the place is IIT Madras and time is saarang time. Each and every saarang has proved to be the time of ones life.

With so many events to choose and variety of spices of life accounted for, Saarang 2005 proved to a feast for people from every walk of life. Starting from the classical music show to the rock show and the jazz show, the shows were enjoyed by the young and the old alike. Different shows strengthened the testimonial of vastly diverse Indian culture. Light Music Show by KK and the choreo nite being the most attended show infused more energy into Saarang.

Despite the instance competition, fun was all what saarang was about. Student from all over the country set higher and higher standards for all the events including, what is considered ‘not so popular’ (but in saarang everything is popular), classical and semi classical music competition. All time favorites, the speaking events like JAM and debate, pulled bigger crowds and loads of fun for audience as well as participants. Quizzes need a special mention. Arguably, IITM quizzes are the best in the country. These elevated its standards, in each of the five quizzes. The informal stall had its share of fun too.

What is noteworthy is the fact that all this was conducted by students themselves. Planned or Impromptu events, like that of show by French Band Matmatah, the students were on their toes (The show by Matmatah was very well received, by the way). The preparation of next saarang are already on board, be prepared for a wonderful January ahead.

Why Saarang is in wrong Hands?

‘Tried, Tested, Trusted’ is common slogan to look for in an organization. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about Saarang. This is because some of the coord-ships have never been tried. Consequently, they were never tested and simply cannot be trusted. As one of my friends expresses himself, “how can I know which co-ord to apply for if I do not know the core?” The very beginning of not announcing the core members makes the very foundation of saarang unstable. PR cores have hatched an evil plan to scan saarang through

Saarang runs around rampant corruption. If attempts are made to contain this….saarang just won’t run. Coordinators strive hard to breach the system, get away with culted money right under the noses of cores. With no motive now, it is matter of time before the co-ords lose the enthusiasm. When transparency creeps into the system, the system breaks down.

Coming back to the story of untried coordships, the novel idea of production desk is one of them. Effort to bring in people with same skills together might not go in vain, although ambience, videography and photography do fall hopelessly out of place. Attempt to pool people together who think saarang is in wrong hands is in itself the first nail in the coffin. In the second place, the fact that PR and Media is somehow not under the same shelter, makes one think if its coilation parties that made the cul secs. Them and their jumbo cabinets. It is much like the Indian Government. Indian govt, by the way, is quite successful, it not transparent.

An IP claims ladder to the cul sec has been broken, no GA, PA etc, only facilities. The acceptance that the ladder existed lets the junta look down upon the hands that rock the culfest. Lets wait to see how saarang works out.

On Choice on ads on bigger TV channels or smaller ones.

When confronted with the choice given the app. form, the pick mainly depends on the plans on promoting saarang. While the locally popular TV channel popularize the shows locally and bring in more competitors from the region around, the bigger channels makes the country aware a fest of this proportion. Local TV channels help in nurturing a naïve regional talent but fail to gather cream of the country. Local TV channels bring in quantity and to some extent quality of competition. With a proper blend, it is possible to have fun as well and nail biting competition. The publicity in south India through local TV channels can be phenomenal.

Nationally popular ones like MTV or Channel [V] will succeed in bringing the best in the country to saarang. But, these channels focus only on the ‘fun’ part of saarang. There is moderate threat to quality of competition. With bigger channels, saarang comes in line with popular fests like Mood Indigo.

In my opinion, bigger channel is a better options for the ‘pros’ listed above and for the fact that IIT Madras has to extend its brand image. Local TV channels might bring in local people the quantity is limited for several years. Saarang won’t grow. With bigger TV channels the quantity will always come in. Quality too will grow along (with a good focus on it). If the student community of IIT Madras is aiming at a saarang, say, 5 years from now, the obvious choice has to be bigger channels. Since our primary aim is to promote IIT Madras as hub of all Lit. activities. and not to tarnish the image of this college (as best only regionally) . I would consider bigger channels to be better option.

These Articles did get me my name in Production’s co-ordinators list. Busy time ahead.

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  1. that’s a lot of rants 🙂 each of them deserve a seperate blog post.
    Are there more ppl who feel the same way abt saarang? Isnt there anything done to tackle the issue?

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