Month: December 2005

Bangalore to Bengaluru

Bangalore will be renamed Bengaluru in about a year. The usual stuff of “what’s in a name?” is running around the news channels these days. TOI reported that move will help English accept the words ending with a vowel in its dictionary. The local historians claim that this move is for the sentiments of local

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Lonesome day

This is going to be one of those dairy entries…could get boring. It happens to me every Sunday; I wake up at about 12 mid-day, have my lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon in front of my comp, not meeting anyone and by 6, I am terribly depressed. Not having gone out the

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Blown out of proportion

Over last month or so, media has pursued three cases of suicide in Indian institutes of technology (IITB, IITKgp and IITR). What’s bothering me is the fact that media like to pin point the smallest of the faults in IIT system. The three suicides have made it to the headlines on number of occasions. Much

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