Green green grass of Kudremukh

A month back, I visited the place where I did my twelve years of schooling, a place i stayed for my first sixteen years of my life. Here are some of the pics I took. Western Ghat are one of 18 hot-spots of bio-diversity in the world (UNO recognised). Kudremukh is in the heart of western ghats. Eastern Himalayas is the only other hot-spot in India. The iron ore mines in Kudremukh has been ordered to shut down ro prevent any further destruction to the eco-system. It should be seen as a major step in India’s effort to environmental conservation. Here is the glimpse of the forest that surrounds Kudremukh.

Hanumangundi Falls…..

Inside the Bhagwathi Forests….

Amidst the trees…..

Picturesque, isn’t it?

5 Replies to “Green green grass of Kudremukh”

  1. Hey Shankin, did you actually take those pictures or did you cut and paste? It sure is beautiful. There are a lot of such places in western ghats. Can get scary driving through them though.

  2. i took them, check it out in my digicam that i got here. Scary? i was born there. I have driven my car alone on those roads everyday during vacations. Too bad it will be a while before I have another chance to visit such a place

  3. hey reminds me of kudremukh man!sad ll b leavin it soon….feelin so nostalgic bout it…..awesome snaps…do mail ’em 2 me…n wat s so scary bout it?ve never seen ne thin more serene n beautiful ever in my lifetime…don ve ne desire 2 do do 2….

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