Blowing Candles for the first time

The day is here……my blog’s first birthday. The daily chime. Technically this should have been my 366th post, lapse of enthusiasm, lethargy and lack of creativity has reduces that number to 30 or so. But….I have survived for a year. Considering most of my friends who have given up on blogging or have 5-6 posts for the whole year, I am standing tall among the ruins. Click on the links below to go to my favorite posts.

Feb. 22 happens to be birthday of Scouting movement founder, Baden Powell. I was in scouting movement for a good 5 years. That doesn’t include stint as a cub in my 4th and 5th standard. I did have excellent time as a scout in my school. Long live scouting. “Be Prepared” scouts.

My favorite post in the blog is “Prized Possessions”. Unfortunately, it has not seen any comments yet. The post began as an attempt to write for saarang’s production coordinatorship but ended up something totally different. Following closely behind is “My Mondays to Fridays” I was happy that Ashwin aka Baswi aka bus found it as best of all my posts. My first three posts, “The sound of music”, “Assimilative Indian culture” and “Game theory…what have we got to do with it?” are among my favorites too. As a newbie in blogging, I guess I was budding with ideas. On a serious note, “Resposibilities..forgotten” was a post on plight of victims of govt. misadministration.

The most publicized posts of mine have been “Message From dean Students” and “Why did saarang have a bitter end?” Ended up spamming a lot of people to make sure the “message” reaches everyone.

Last year,

Things that have improved,
Not a teenager anymore…..a lot more mature ;-)…still gonna be 18 till I die!!!
Photography skills…scroll down the blog to check it out
Avg. no of movies watched in a month
Collection of music and more entries into “must watch” movies list.

Things that have been the same,
Readership of the blog……1 all along, that’s myself.
No. of girlfriends and Cgpa…..these two go together…acads and babes have the same T9, check it out
Still as big a fan of U2 and Bee Gees.

Thing that have declined,
Attendance in the class
Avg. no of sleeping hours
Time spend doing anything productive
Respect for Saarang newsletter….reduced it to page 3.

I hope to post more frequently in my blog this year around. It wasn’t my New Year resolution, may well be the birthday resolution. Thank you all.

5 Replies to “Blowing Candles for the first time”

  1. “Things that have been the same,
    Readership of the blog……1 all along, that’s myself.”
    Definitely wrong! I go through your blog regularly, though am too lazy to type something myself…

  2. You amy be surprised as to how many people do read your blog. “Acads and babes have the same T9”? Stud observation da.

  3. now you have had your birthday wish, it’s time for the bumps!! you be the man shanks, keep it cool.

  4. This is your best blog!!!!!
    And I didnt know acads and babes are same on T9. Therefore Geeks are actually cool in a different sense….

    You still owe us a treat for your Bolg’s Birthday. If you dont, YOU will get bumps


  5. (…still gonna be 18 till I die!!!)
    In that case, you can blow candles daily.

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