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Over past two weeks, protests against reservation being given to OBCs has intensified drastically. In my earlier post (on reservation), i wasn’t too ‘keen’ on talking about politics involved in the whole issue. This post will reflect the hypocrisy of MPs in our country. To begin with, out politicians claim that the reservation is being ‘awarded’ to OBCs for their upliftment. They believe that OBCs are under-represented in higher educational institutes in our country. They have absolutely no statistics to prove that though. Why is it that MPs are against reservation in parliament? Quite clearly, OBCs are underrepresented there too. I was wondering why this point was raised during any debate for over a week now. I was happy to find one banner echoing this point couple of day earlier in TOI. The arguments in favour of reservation hold good even in this case. It goes without saying that when MPs themselves are at the receiving end, no arguments, however strong, fall on deaf ears. They are the same MPs who vehemently opposed women’s reservation in parliament. It has not even been allowed to be tabled in parliament till now. Before even a speech is made, politicians walk out of the house with all the rage in the world. Condition of women, no doubt, is worse then SC/STs or OBCs. Why aren’t the concerned politicians ignorant in tackling that issue before?
[This does not mean i support reservation for OBCs or women in parliament.]

One of the ridiculous argument made in favour of the reservation is that our education system fails to identify the real merit, so anti-reservation activists’ claim of merit being diluted in a fallacy. The simple answer is to change the education system. Reservation will do no good. One of the bloggers goes on to belittle IITians saying

Our exams often generate and encourage stupidity and push forward the least talented of the lot. I am not an IIT student, and will not pretend to know much about the CAT since I didn’t crack it, but it is rather interesting that almost none of our wonderful IIT-ians (for whom such pitted battled are being fought) have made any earth-shattering discoveries or inventions. “

It cant be helped when one chooses to remain oblivious to science and technology development in the words. For the starters, the founder of Sun Microsystems was an IITian, Vinod Khosla, which developed java. Many of the students have research publications before they complete engineering. To really make a progress in Science and Technology, we need money. Indian government is apathetic towards research, so most of the IITians turn to USA for research. Indian (not just IITian) contribution to science and engineering has been very significant. The fact that Indian research institute aren’t doing well can be attributed to poverty and not the lack of brains. With reservation around, more brains are being denied the much deserved opportunity.

Both Kamal Nath and Arjun Singh are clueless as to the “plight” of OBCs in the country. In the interview with Karan Thapar, their immature rhetoric in dealing with questions fired at them makes me angry with the government for their choice of such irresponsible ministers. A year ago, i was so proud to be in country where both prime minister and president have a PhD to their name, but the government as single body gets the whole country down. NSSO’s figures indicate that OBCs are getting their share of the cake. Why, then, is the whole issue of reservation bring brought up? Our Prime Minister hasn’t even taken a stand on reservation yet. It is not the so called dignified silence, but silence of defenseless politician.

Reservation will also affect the OBCs themselves in a negative way. Students will be discriminated against. Complacency will creep in. To give you an example, when attendance is not taken in a class, be in 5 point someone or 9 point someone, many students bunk. It a natural tendency to do so. When a student knows that, by caste, he will be admitted to a premier institution, his preparation will fall short. The year I got through JEE, the 9th ranker in reserved category was 1900th rank in general category. Even after sixty years, if the gap has not been bridged, reservation is not the way to go.

Some protesters ask, “what more do upper caste want? They have 50.5% seats for 15% population?” No, those 50.5% seats are not reserved for us. Its up for grabs for every one including SC/STs and OBCs. In 2003 , rank 1(SC/ST) (less than 10 in GE) in JEE chose a seat in General Merit. He was hailed. I don’t see why? All he did was snatch deserving candidates’ seats. It’s not just one seat. If he had chosen Branch A, one person would have had to settle for branch B, some other person for branch C and so on.

The government is simply not addressing the issue of extending primary education to all. (which is a fundamental right btw). Even reservation in private sector is on the cards. If reservation is required at every stage, a question begs to be asked, “if reservation is needed at every stage, doesn’t that mean they are just not good enough?”

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  1. you could just read this blog and claim that u’ve been thru all the ‘hottest’ OBC-reservation discussions/events/TV programmes/newspaper articles/Blogs etc…. and it would be true!


  2. Nice post! But I’ve given up after reading Arjun Singh’s interview with Karan Thapar. No amount of protests, strikes or vehement verbosity can hope to transcend the abject incompetence of our politicians..

  3. Once again the merits and de-merits of reservation are being discussed. For me, I have no clue if reservtion will work or not, neither do I have any clue about the state of OBC’s. But I agree with you in one issue. The handling of such a sensitive issue by the government has been despicable. Government is supposed to have a protective hand over everyone, it should be like a mother taking care of her children. Even though she may have to take things from one child and give it to another sometimes, she should not be hitting the child or snatching things away from it. This shows that the political state of India is pathetic. After this how can the government complain about brain-drain….

  4. @ KV.. indeed.. that interview.. i just shudder to think what will happen to the nation if we are headed by such ppl..

    @ CoolShankin…

    agree whole heartedly da… this one has been more of a “vote bank policy” move than a wise one.. the congress just wants to ensure that it stays in power.. thats what i personally feel..
    Their numbers.. for 50% reservation.. are based on a friggin 1931 census.. for heavensake.. somebody knock some sense into them.. indias population has grown abt 100 times that now.. x(

  5. I agree with you on 2 things though..

    1. The case for the OBC’s is not the same as that for the SC/ST’s. Many of them are really well off..and the creamy layer clause is essential.

    2. When reservation exists.. I don’t see a reason to allow reserved candidates to enter through the unreserved category.

    I feel i’ll be thrashed around here.. but still let me try..

    Please try to read the following posts

    Hindu 1

    Hindu 2

    prob the second one doesn’t make too much sense here.. but the first one does..

    “They believe that OBCs are under-represented in higher educational institutes in our country. They have absolutely no statistics to prove that though.”

    Just because the politicians.. esp Arjun Singh does not say it in an interview, it does not mean so.. There are ample statistics. and a reading of the first link that I have given should suffice.. Ask me if you need anymore. !!!

    I would like to publicise my blog too.. (after all I am human!!).. do read
    Reservation Issues page

    atleast the first post that you see there !! about the frontline article !!
    Do understand that I have been on your side initially !!

    “Some protesters ask, “what more do upper caste want? They have 50.5% seats for 15% population?” No, those 50.5% seats are not reserved for us.”

    Sitting in the villages.. with no access to FIIT-JEE like institutes.. how do you expect them to compete with us ?? So if you are going to select pple only based on so called merit.. then it amounts to nothing less than those 50.5 % seats being reserved for us.

    “The government is simply not addressing the issue of extending primary education to all. (which is a fundamental right btw)”

    Agreed.. please read what’s below.. I agreee .. tough to understand it.. I failed to do so.. when I was on your side !!

    “There is an argument that shows its head whenever there is a proposal to give reservation to SEdBC (and SC and ST). This is that what these communities require is not reservation in higher education but good education from the earliest stages. The argument makes it appear as though the SC, ST and SEdBC categories have no interest in pursuing good education. But the fact of the matter is that these communities are as conscious of the need for and thirsty for good education as any
    other community. But it is beyond their reach on account of the role most of them are cast in by their birth.”

    The process of reservation in education began in 1902 in the small princely state of Kolhapur, for Backward Classes – covering the present BCs, SCs and other non-Brahmin castes that are not in the post-Constitution lists of BCs.

    That’s an important point to be noted..It’s not present day politicians who pulled up this issue from the blue by introducing a legislation.. Please read and be aware of the history of reservation in India b4 coming to any conclusions abt politicians pulling vote banks..!!

    I would go as far as saying.. Assume politicians are pulling vote banks..!! Let it be so.. !! but the end results are worth more than any of these useless name callings !!

    My only crib against those against reservation is that.. most pple that I meet.. seem to have no idea regarding the actual statistics, but still argue at the height of their voice !! Most arguments are like.. the OBC’s form only 20% of the population.. why give them 27% ??. Such statements are obviously nonsense.!! Like the following one that you made !!

    “NSSO’s figures indicate that OBCs are getting their share of the cake.”

    Really !! where did you get that enlightenment from ?? It doesn’t seem so obvisous to me.. rather it seems the other way round !!

    Please try to look up statistics with your mind minus the prejudices !!

  6. Oh boy, you people have some enthu in life! I’ll narrate a little incident about the power of IIT, quite odd but very true. Me and my friend Yashodan went to Walmart (supermarket store) and within 5 mins of being in Walmart, Yashodan got invited to a dinner by someone and his wife, he just met for 30 seconds because he was from IIT, and I was engaging in a long conversation with a chinese person and he detailed about how 60-70% of Stanford graduate students are from the IIT. Well, it may not seem that obvious in India what the tag “IIT” carries but that day in Walmart just shook me up. So reconsider this – forget every statistic you were went through, the only thing you need to look at is the ability of the generation coming to keep this name. “YOU ARE CHOSEN ONES” – I am not trying to be egotistical but that’s the truth, more so with what I have seen in the recent while.

  7. I have this to say:
    1. The post is well-written, no doubt about that.
    2. 27% is the indication that the pie is being cut by the top order, they have gone forward with ‘selling’ off IIT/IIM seats for votes. When practically every other Engg/Med/whatever college has been reduced to a business, it is pathetic that the government had to bring this fate on us, thanks to the incorrigible senile lunatics there.
    3. There’s so many arguments about ‘statistics’ here. I couldn’t verify a single source, not even the ones cited in the Hindu article except for the 19xx census. Dear all, the next time you cite a source, for the sake of the general population, please leave a link to it.
    4. We are all in a state of Brahma as portrayed in many a siuation in our mythology. We are part of the population(no matter what) which has voted this government to power and are totally helpless against whatever nonsense it does, and it is threatening us now.
    5. I’ve had enough of this crappy politics, I’d rather be a Spartan/Nazi.

  8. guess it was a nice post.
    i dint read it.
    i dont feel like reading/writing/listening.. dont want to have anything to do with this reservation shit.

    will tell you something funny though.
    there is this staff canteen in IITB.
    and there is a lawn next to it.
    some people are doing a hunger strike right there. very comfortable no?
    but thats not the funny part.
    there is another group, right opposite to this one which is doing a “we support reservation” strike.
    its all the same.
    words spoken any more are of no use.

  9. In 2003 , rank 1(SC/ST) (less than 10 in GE) in JEE chose a seat in General Merit. He was hailed. I don’t see why?

    I think he must be hailed. The reservation system is defacing those among the ‘backward classes’ who are actually good. It is high time someone amongst them came out and said that they don’t need reservation, and that they are capable of leading their lives without reservation, keeping their heads high. This chap had done something like it. His act reflects that he’s capable of competing with the rest. If someone says that this is a sporadic case, I’d say that the reservation system had made such cases sporadic.

  10. These anti-reservation protests held all over the country have simply exposed the quality of politicians we have at this point of time.How is it possible that not even a single party/indivisual feels the way as thousands of students feel?Initially I thought that atleast a few MP’s from the younger geberation like Jyothiraditya scindia,Sachin Pilot etc would come out in open against reservation,I don’t know why but I had this HOPE :-).I am sure there are many ppl in Parliament who don’t approve of this legislation but they are forced to stay quite bcos of this party politics and “popularity” which is more dear to them than future of this nation.I think this one of those occassions where denocracy fails.Democracy can work when all the chosen representatives open their mouth and and take a stand they believe in.But it seems that no party can afford to be anti-reservation.I must also make this point that most of these student organisations which have such a big influence like ABVP etc did nothing to support the striking students.But at the same time it is heartening to see that there are so many ppl who are ready to risk their jobs etc for a cause.May be students will fail this time,as it is very clear that the govt has deceide to ignore any amount of public outcry but the unity and the courage shown by the students will defnitely go a long way.

    There is nothing that cannot be changed by a mass struggle.


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