God is Untouchable

This my reaction to this piece of newsClick the pic for larger image
Previous cartoons (IITM centric): 2, 1

8 Replies to “God is Untouchable”

  1. how do you get this cartoon to work for you always? you do some editing? anyway its good man!

  2. hey this is good stuff – u cud be a lot more acidic and rip them priests more …

    ps : c&h again is a lifetime fave – just see that waterson does’nt get notice this and claim IPR infringement.

  3. Cool Work!
    Specially the way you have used C&H strips to make your point. I would have loved it more, if you wouldn’t have repeated the images!!!

    Do you have the full collection? If not, let me know your email add. Mine is crazygenius[at]gmail[dot]com


  4. Man, I am an economist as well 🙂 🙂
    had a great course with one of the best profs i ever met.
    Prof Umakanth Dash.

  5. thats a fantastic piece of work..that cartoon strip, i mean..will fid out more after i come to iit..
    actually i have been thinking to post something on that incident…you came up with some good idea..

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