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Over this summer, I had access to what we usually don’t, television. Being kept away from television, I hadn’t seen ads for a year. This post is a sequel to a post of mine about a year ago. This year, I was surprised that Pepsi and Coke did not come up with ads lashing out at each other as fervently as they did years before. Also, the quality of ads were not as good as they used to be. I can only name a handful of ads which are worth a mention.

Monster com’s ad about ‘being caught in the wrong job’, in my opinion, is the best ad of the summer. Unlike jobsahead’s rather pessimistic ad campaign of taking about its site when a batsman gets out, both naukri and monster have chosen an optimistic (a better) outlook. Naukri’s “Hari Sadu” ad (H for Hitler …) is a close match to the monsters. Over the years as well, these two companies have come up with good ads like “Aladdin: he is gonna be rich” among others. I think positive tone to the ads is very important in luring people to such sites.

HSBC’s ‘world local bank’ ad and the slogan ‘understanding your needs better’ is yet another example on how abstract advertising is a great idea. A simple issue like torn jeans being stylish for the daughter and a completely opposite view of the mother brings about the idea that the bank changes according to your need. Earlier this summer, HSBC floated another ad (animated) with months of years making up a car or a house. Though it would have made a great idea for a hoarding, it was ordinary on television.

Sania Mirza’s question-answer session turned out to be one of those ‘good-to-watch-ones-irritating-the-next-time’ ads. The worst in the bag of soft drink ads was Aamir Khan’s ‘thanda samosa’ ad. It is unlike soft drink manufacturers not to come up with good ads especially during summer.

Running up to the foot ball world cup, several ads were featured on football. Adidas ad on two young boys choosing their teams has a touch of brilliance. Also in the context is a well done ad by Maruti Swift, the one with the car playing around with the foot ball. There was one more ad by adidas or nike in which a foot ball is passed around in two lifts until a trophy is captured using the ball. That was choreographed extremely well.

Again, the ads by soaps, shampoos and detergents haven’t explored outside their domain. There are as boring as they can get. It can only take a genius to come up with ‘nihar mein hai kudrat ki sakhi’ for a coconut oil product. We will have to wait and watch before any other product comes up with ideas like that. Till my next vacations, no more television ads on this blog.

10 Replies to “Indian Summer Ads”

  1. I hate the Maruti swift ad.
    It is horrible
    It is an oppurtunistic, pointless ad with absolutely no sense…

  2. I agree with Pota… anyway, how come you’ve not mentioned the Airtel ad?

    Some loads of historical moving images, one after the other with stuff about how small things can change the world… but only in the end when the Airtel logo pops up you realize that it’s a cellphone company after all! Too pretentious, don’t you think?

  3. true, ads have gone down-hill. Swift ad was bad da, but you have wierd tastes….
    thanks for linking my post anyway.

  4. really admire your enthu to blog regularly da.
    wish something would motivate me to write too!
    nice post.
    could have made it much mroe elaborate…

    liked the airtel ad the most.
    and the saravanaa stores ad 😛

  5. @all
    i haven’t seen the airtel ad and the saravanaa stores ad … i like the airtel 99 per month “kishtho mein kam karne ka yaar” ad.. one with gf asking for perl necklace and one with attender asking for employee to work on his files few at a time after the boss dumps loads of them on the table forgot to write about it. yes, i like the swift ad … i do have weird taste i guess

  6. almost forgot!
    i hated the HDFC bank ad…
    its the most painful ad i have seen in recent times.

  7. Hey man, agree with u on the ad. by the way, visit my blog @ and post ur comments. just started out.

  8. hv been away on travel and busy, and i needed this break from blogging!
    nice post! for an iit geek to hv keen interest in ads is quite refreshing!

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