Hampi, Jog, Goa, Coimbatore

Here are a few pics from places i have visited in last two months which are Hampi, Jog, Goa and Coimbatore. Most pics are here courtesy my brother, Srikanth. Hampi is a world heritage site declared by UNO. One look at the ruins scattered all over the place (350 sq kms) , you will know that it will take days just to see all the ruins present in there. Click on the pics to get a larger image.Hampi

The famous Stone Chariot in Hampi. The stone wheels could rotate.

Water Canal System way back in 15th Century

Queen’s Bath

Trading place (?)

Disfigured Narasimha Statue

Vittala Temple (from top of a Hill)

Gopuram of one of the ruined Temples

Elevated Stage

Market Place

Delicate Balance

Scattered Ruins of temple perhaps

Queen’s Palace

Arches inside Elephant’s Stable

Jog Falls

A burning tree near Jog Falls (Don’t ask why, what etc. I have no clue)

Jog Falls looks lot more majestic than what it seems in this pic


From the ‘DCH’ Fort

Trek Near Coimbatore at a place called Top Slip

I thought the structure blended well with the surrounding woods

<span”>Bald Tree</span”>


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