Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur Videos

Here are some of the videos I took in Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. We lived in Hilton Tokyo Bay which is on the Disney Resorts. As it can be expected, the whole place is a fantasy come true. This video was taken on the Disney resort line.

Shamisen is one of the Japanese stringed instruments which gives a rather bass sound similar to that of percussion instruments. This video was taken during the opening ceremony of ACM’s International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

This folk dance was also part of the opening ceremony

These acrobats performed some good stunts during the closing ceremony aka the acm world finals celebrations.

This performance by the Scandinavian was easily the highlight of the show making nearly 30 successful pickpocket/watch stealing attempts while on stage. With his excellent presentation skill he was the talk of the party. No one knows if the last part of the performance (not in video) was staged but he managed to take a man’s undergarment with just couple of strings (of course, the pants were in place). The victim claimed he had no clue how that was done (obviously he would say so). Observe the host steal the tie and the belt. He couldn’t take the tie of one of the volunteer because it was tied with a double knot, he reaveled right after.

This comedy juggler performs mostly in Las Vegas and is supposedly one of the most watched comedians on You Tube. Here he performs a keyboard piece using ping-pong balls and also juggles the ping-pong balls in his mouth.

This video is from Kuala Lumpur Tower where the artists performed for some five minutes. Traditional Malaysian music.

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  1. Maadar! I think you have sampled as much if not more culture in three days than I did in three months!

    Anyway… hope your viva went well and all that.

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