Random Facts

I was tagged by Bhaand to state 8 random fact about me. Here they are…

1) Before U2 was my fav band, it was bee gees. What many don’t know us that before that, it was Madonna 😛

2) I speak to my dad in Kannada, mom in Telegu (Kannada mixed) and bro in English

3) I call myself a coolgeek and believe thats there is such a thing

4) I think “surely you are joking Mr Feynman” is a very pretentious book. i hate it when junta rave about it.

5) Though i have a blog and am a status message freak, i am an awfully private person

6) I love showing finger to those excessive honk behind me when i drive and then look their reaction in the rear-view mirror

7) I am extremely possessive about my stuff.

8) I believe  that everyone is a pervert; just that some of us are well mannered.
I wish to tag … whoever wants to be tagged 🙂

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