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Peg’s Law

* . Jokes(?) apart, it has been two years and surely I qualify to be called a veteran blogger. Coincidentally, it is my fiftieth post too. Do check out two of my favorite posts in last year (here and here). People loved this post as well.For a light post after a long time, I present

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We and our IPs

What occupies a small, but significant, part in an IIT-M ians life is making graffiti on the notices on the notice board. In an effort to be different, we call the notices IPs, standing for internal publicity. The fact remains that hardly anything we do deserves publicity, except acads of course. IPs fall into a

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A time to think

Review on 20-20cricket: it is for those who find short stories too long. Hey, this is 21st century, except for me and some of the other jobless,……..sorry did I say ‘other’, …..some of the jobless people around me and of course, the person reading the blog, the universe has no time to waste. With the

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